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How To Lighten Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can easily become stained and look scruffy if not properly cared for. One way to combat this is to lighten them periodically using a suede eraser or brush. This will help keep them looking their best.

How To Lighten Suede Shoes

suede shoes can be a pain to keep clean, but with the right techniques, they can last for years. The first step is to identify the type of suede you are working with. Suede shoes come in two different types: nubuck and full-grain. Nubuck is a softer type of suede that is made from the top layer of the hide. Full-grain suede is made from the entire hide and is tougher than nubuck.

-Suede shoes -Lightening cream or gel -Soft cloth -Shoe brush

  • Remove dirt and dust with a suede brush
  • Use a shoe lighter to lightly burn the surface of the shoes
  • Apply a light layer of suede protector

-Consider a suede brush to help remove dirt and dust from the shoes’ surface. -If the shoes are lightly soiled, you can try using a damp cloth to clean them. -If the shoes are heavily soiled, you can try using a suede cleaner. -To help protect the shoes from future dirt and stains, apply a suede protector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove Color From Suede?

It is possible to remove color from suede, but the process can be difficult and time-consuming. One common method is to use a solvent such as acetone or alcohol to dissolve the dye. Another option is to scrub the suede with a brush and soap until the color fades.

Can You Colour Change Suede Shoes?

Yes, you can colour change suede shoes. However, it is not a permanent change and the colour will eventually wear off.

How Do You Make Dark Brown Suede Lighter?

There are a few things you can do to make dark brown suede lighter. One is to brush it with a suede brush. This will help remove any dirt or dust that may be on the suede, and it will also help to make it look lighter. Another thing you can do is to spray it with a light mist of water. This will help to moisten the suede and will also make it look lighter.

Why Does Vinegar Clean Suede?

Suede is a delicate fabric and can be easily damaged if not cleaned properly. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that breaks down dirt and stains, making it perfect for cleaning suede.

Can I Soak Suede In Vinegar?

You can soak suede in vinegar to help clean it, but be sure to test a small area first to make sure the vinegar doesn’t cause any damage.

Does Vinegar Fix Suede?

There is no definitive answer to this question as vinegar can have different effects on suede, depending on the type of vinegar and the condition of the suede. Generally speaking, white vinegar is a good cleaner for suede and can remove dirt, stains, and odors. However, if the suede is very dirty or stained, a stronger vinegar such as apple cider vinegar may be needed. Additionally, vinegar can help to restore the natural oils in suede and can make it softer and more pliable.

Can I Bleach Suede?

Yes, you can bleach suede. However, you should be very careful not to over-bleach it, as this can cause the suede to become stiff and brittle.

Can I Change The Colour Of My Suede Shoes?

Yes, it is possible to change the colour of suede shoes by using a suitable dye.

What Does Vinegar Do To Suede?

When suede gets wet, the color can run and the material can become stiff. Vinegar will help to clean the suede and make it softer.

Can You Lighten The Colour Of Suede?

Yes, suede can be lightened with a special type of lightening agent.

How Can I Lighten My Suede Shoes?

There are a few things you can do to lighten your suede shoes. One option is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Another option is to use a toothbrush and some water. You can also try using a shoe polish designed for lightening suede shoes.

Can You Clean Suede With Apple Cider Vinegar?

Yes, apple cider vinegar can be used to clean suede. It is a natural cleaner and will help remove any dirt or stains from the fabric.

How Do You Restore Suede?

A suede brush or a piece of rawhide can be used to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the suede. A suede eraser can be used to remove light scuffs. If the suede is stained, a suede cleaner can be used.


Suede shoes can be lightened by using a suede eraser or a toothbrush. The suede eraser can be used to remove any dirt or marks on the shoes, while the toothbrush can be used to create a light surface.

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